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Relieve My Motion Sickness

Today I would like to recommend a great bracelet that will help me get through car sickness. When I have to stay long time in a car or bus, and wear EmeTerm, I have no problems with sickenss. I have to say, it really helped me. I usually use the third level of electrical stimulation, which gives me a comfortable feeling. Thanks for the bracelet, I will recommend it to my friends. It’s really an amazing device.


Remedy for Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness symptoms during pregnancy can really take a toll during those early weeks of pregnancy when you could be feeling the most excited about your growing bundle of joy. If you're searching for relief from morning sickness, I have a product that you'll LOVE

——Bridget Teyler

EmeTerm for Morning Sickness Relief

Help Friends To Relieve Morning Sickness

I have a very good friend who has been pregnant for three months and has had a particularly severe morning sickness. It made me very worried.I thought I should have helped her. Firstly, I thought to buy her some medicines, I went to the drugstore to look for it, but the staff told me that the medicine would bring more serious side effects than morning sickness, and it could also hurt the baby. Knowing this, I gave up the choice of drugs.

By chance I saw this product on emeterm.com, I noticed that this is not a drug based therapy, and mostly there are no side effects for the baby, too good. I bought it, and sent it to my friend. I was excited, so I write this testimonial, to tell new mothers: if you are suffering from morning sickness, try use an EmeTerm.


Relieve My Seasickness

I like sailing and fishing. On the sea, I felt the immensity of the sea, and I felt free.But sometimes I suffer seasickness, and sometimes I feel to vomit. I can’t enjoy my journey as much as other seafaring people.

One day, a fellow fisherman, told me about a new product for seasickness. I also bought one, it is worn on the wrist. When used, it will continue to emit weak electrical stimulation. When I’m on my ship again, I can enjoy sailing as much as anyone else, and it feels great.


EmeTerm for Sea Sickness Relief

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Know what’s saved my butt this pregnancy?

My EmeTerm tens bracelet. It’s so amazing for nausea, and I checked in with my doc about it, too. She said studies have shown its more effective than placebo, though less than prescription medication. I leave it on the lowest setting all day and when I feel nausea spiking, I turn it up. I’m so grateful for this little fashion accessory. I still puked occasionally, but less than I did BEFORE I had it!

——Whitney Jones


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