EmeTerm develops precise, wearable and smart medical products to prevent debilitating conditions like nausea. Current medical solutions often involve drug intake, which can cause further discomfort through various side-effects.

EmeTerm develops technologies that use non-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation, including transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), which involve electrical currents conducted from the skin.

EmeTerm consists of leaders in the field of medical research and product development who are devoted to provide effective and convenient therapy options to users around the world.

TENS technology

Targeted nerve stimulation

Anti-nausea in EmeTerm

Our mission

Awards And Achievements

EmeTerm is certified to the ISO 13485 medical standard.
EmeTerm is a member of LifeSciences BC.
EmeTerm bear the CE Medical mark.
Its anti-nausea wristband, EmeTerm, is winner of iF Design Award 2017.




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Scientific Research And Technical Capabilities

EmeTerm has two R&D teams in Canada and the United States, each of which includes top technical R&D personnel, clinicians, and senior product development members in the field. Our team aims to innovate and develop various types of home wearable medical products.

In order to keep the research and development technology in the field of neuroelectric stimulation at the forefront of the world, EmeTerm has invested heavily in setting up a technology research and development laboratory with advanced standards in Canada, and continues to invest funds to explore and experiment with cutting-edge technologies.

Our Team

We love what we do and we do it with passion

Raymond Ji

Founder, CEO


Peter Ji



Kevin Mckay

Senior Software Engineer


Edmund Peng



Joe Richards

Operating Manager

Frank Hung

Sales Manager

Vicky Wong

Business Manager

Carlton Yu

Quality Engineer