Development history timeline



Innovation and Development

1. Release new generation of products

2. Donate to the Red Cross

2021 - 2022

Sustainable Development

1. Launching our Carbon Neutral Plan

2. EmeTerm Explore global launch

3. Available in Walmart and Best Buy Stores!

2019 - 2022

Social responsibility

1. Donate to Cancer Center of America

2. Provide anti-epidemic supplies to the Canadian federal government during COVID-19

3. Sponsor the Canada Mitacs Fund for research

Year 2019

Product optimization

1. Update the EmeTerm brand visual solution

2. Optimize the strap buckle structure of EmeTerm

Year 2018

Enter the North American market

1. FDA approval

2. Enter the US and Canada markets.



Product launch

1. TGA and FDA Approval Enter

2. North American markets

EmeTerm and HeadaTerm are the first to be listed on Amazon UK

EmeTerm official store releasedTerm


Year 2017

Global Market Access

1. TGA and FDA Approval Enter

2. North American markets

Year 2016

Clinical validation

Cooperate with hospitals and research institutes around the world and conduct clinical trials, and improve the structural design of the first version of the device.


Global Market Access

1. CE Approval

2. Enter European markets

3. Win the IF Design Award

4. Implement European and American ISO13485 and FDA quality management systems

5. EmeTerm brand store available




Conduct R&D and clinical trials

1. Building a North American R&D Team

2. Apply for a global patent

3. Rigorous Engineering Tests