Three Ways to Confirm Genuine EmeTerm Brand's Anti-nausea Wristband

EmeTerm is taking strides to ensure authenticity and consumer trust through three effective verification methods:

1. Brand Logo:

At the point of purchase, always look for the official EmeTerm brand logo. This logo serves as an emblem of authenticity, signifying that you are buying a genuine EmeTerm product.

2. UDI Labels:

Included on the side of every product's packaging is a UDI (Unique Device Identification) label. The upper segment of this label features key details like production date, batch number, and color. The lower section is dedicated to a UDI-specific QR code, product identifier, and manufacturing identifier. The number "697176028" on the UDI QR code's right confirms that the product has been manufactured by WATMED.

3. Transparencycode:

Each EmeTerm Wristband has a unique Transparency anti-counterfeit label. By simply using the Transparency app to scan the QR code on the label, customers can swiftly verify the authenticity of the product.

EmeTerm is committed to delivering products of the highest quality and integrity. With these three methods, we aim to empower consumers to distinguish genuine EmeTerm products from counterfeit alternatives. Your trust in EmeTerm is our utmost priority.

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