Some Natural Ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

Migraine isn’t a typical headache. It comes with pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light and sound. With migraines, best things you can do is learn your personal triggers that bring on the pain. Red wine, caffeine withdrawal, stress, and skipped meals are among the common culprits. People usually try some natural remedies to reduce migraine symptoms. These at-home treatments may help prevent migraines, or at least help reduce their severity and duration.

Here are some ways to help Migraine;

Acupressure, applying pressure with points on the body to relieve pain and other symptoms.

Ginger, according to research, Ginger is ease nausea caused by migraines. It may also have other migraine benefits.

Yoga, research shows yoga may relieve the frequency, duration, and intensity of migraines. It’s thought to improve anxiety, release tension in migraine-trigger areas.

Magnesium foods, almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, cashews, peanut butter, Oatmeal, eggs, and milk.

Massage, research suggests massage improves perceived stress and coping skills. It also helps decrease heart rate, anxiety, and cortisol levels.

EmeTerm, HeadaTerm, one series of EmeTerm is a clinically proven, safe, and effective medical device worn on users’ foreheads that uses none-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation technology to prevent and treat primary headache, including migraine, tension headache, cluster headache, depression and insomnia.

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