Right Methods To Prevent And Relieve Air Sickness

Air sickness is motion sickness while flying, and it probably ruins your whole day. However, you may be able to avoid airsickness as a whole if you find right ways.
The Research found, ear is the reason causes air sickness. When your eyes adjust to the movement on plane, your ear reacts differently, confusing your body and sending signals to the brain that result in symptoms like nausea and dizziness.

Prevention for air sickness

Avoid big, greasy meals and alcohol.
Eat food that is low in sodium and fat a few hours ago.
Drink water to keep hydrated.
Sit in the front of the aircraft or in a seat above the wing.
Turn the air vent flow toward your face.

Relief for air sickness

Turn the air flow to hit your face and body.
Look outside, stare at the fixed point and try to keep your head as still as possible.
Control your breathing by taking slow and deep breaths.
Thinking on something else.

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