Must-Haves For Amusement Park Packing List

Theme parks can be a really funny vacation for the whole family. There’s usually so much to do and you can often spend couple days at amusement parks. Some full days of rides, sweet treats and sunshine may be right up your alley, but it will go well only if you’re fully prepared. The days at these parks are normally long, it means you’ll have to make sure you’ve put together a theme park packing list so you don’t forget anything. Some recommendations of things to put in your bag, also same as packing lists for longer amusement park vacations that including overnight stays.

Amusement Park Packing List For Couple Days Trip

Comfortable Shoes
Type of Bag To Pack for a amusement Park
Refillable Water bottle
Phone Case
Portable Phone Charger
Rain Poncho
Hand Sanitizer and First Aid Essentials
Sunscreen and Other Sun Protection
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