Great Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness While Traveling

Do you get car sick? Are you nauseous thinking about your upcoming trip? Motion sickness happens when the movement you see is different from what your inner ear senses. This can cause dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. You can get motion sick in a car, or on a train, airplane, boat, or amusement park ride.

How to prevent motion sickness?

Avoiding situations that cause motion sickness is the best way to prevent it, but that is not always possible when you are traveling. The following strategies can help you avoid or lessen motion sickness.

·Don’t eat spicy and fatty foods. Also don’t eat too much, just eat a little bit and keep stomach not empty.

·Take snacks in the car. Eat a snack every couple of hours to keep your stomach from feeling empty, but don’t eat foods with strong tastes.

·Sitting in the front seat. Keep window opened, make fresh always coming.

·Try and distract yourself with activities, such as listening to music.

·Don’t read and watch a movie. Differences between what you see and the motion you feel can make you feel sick. Look front when the car is moving ahead.

·Using wristbands. EmeTerm Anti-nausea and vomiting wristband that uses targeted neuromodulation to reduce nausea-induced vomiting. These can be used for sea sickness, too.


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