EmeTerm Cooperates With Trip.com Group

Trip.com is an international online travel agency. The website is owned by Trip.com Group, one of the world's largest online travel agencies with over 400 million users worldwide, and also the parent of Skyscanner. The site provides booking services for flights, hotels, trains, car rentals, airport transfers, tours and attraction tickets, and claims to offer more than 1.2 million hotels in 200 countries and regions, as well as over 2 million flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities. Train tickets for use in the UK, Germany, Japan, South Korea.


EmeTerm develops innovative wearable medical devices through targeted neuromodulation technology and with more than 70 patents around the world, it has advanced R&D and design centers in North America. EmeTerm anti-motion sickness wristbands and anti-migraine treatment devices are sold in more than 30 countries, and have entered insurance reimbursements in the US and Denmark.


We've seen a good recovery and performance in the travel sector, but it still goes slowly. We have seen business conventions, trade shows, conferences come back as much. As well as the ever-expanding prospects of self-driving vehicles that have been reported to increase the incidence of nausea and vomiting, motion sickness is becoming a continuously growing concern for millions of people worldwide. EmeTerm is an FDA cleared device developed as a safe alternative therapy for motion sickness that does not involve introducing pharmaceuticals into the body, avoiding any unwanted side effects and unpredictable drug interactions.







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