WAT Medical Enterprise Upgrades Company Logo

WAT Medical Enterprise is a company that develops innovative wearable medical devices. As of August 2021, the company has upgraded its logo design.


WAT Medical’s goal is to provide wearable devices to address treatable conditions. This philosophy is also reflected in the updated logo design, with carefully chosen color scheme and presentation style.

The fresh green makes people feel healthy, safe, and comfortable. The quiet blue gives people a sense of technologies of the future, reliability, and professionalism. The flat spiral strip represents the radio wave pattern, highlighting the innovative and smart technologies that the company develops.

The sleek lines and spiral curves complement one another and naturally provide a sense of comfort, safety, and diversification. These elements reflect WAT Medical’s desire to provide products that would improve the health and wellbeing for its users.

WAT Medical will continue to actively innovate, break boundaries, and create intelligent and scientific products that allow their users to enjoy convenient and effective treatments in their daily lives.

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