The ECO-Friendly Anti-nausea and Vomiting wristband: Emeterm PLUS

VANCOUVER, BCAug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- WAT Medical is thrilled to introduce its latest innovative technology that would help the millions of people who suffer from nausea and vomiting, the EmeTerm Plus, while also developing an eco-friendly roadmap that would benefit future innovations. The original anti-nausea wristband, EmeTerm, received its FDA clearance in 2018. It has entered the U.S. market for four years as an effective and reliable device to manage nausea-induced vomiting. EmeTerm has also received the iF Design Award for in recognition for its innovative design and usability.

EmeTerm uses neuromodulation, a clinically proven technique to alter the electrical signals within the body. The electric current is sent via the P6 acupuncture point on underside of the wrist. The electric pulses are delivered to targeted areas in the brain and precisely block the signals of nausea and vomiting from brain to stomach.

Focusing on environmental protection, WAT Medical developed EmeTerm PLUS, (pre-order on The new design features enhanced electric pulse transfer from device to skin. No conduct gel is needed, which could improve affordability to consumers.

With an improved battery life of 30+ hours, IP67 waterproof grading, along with a number of other upgrades, EmeTerm PLUS becomes even more user-friendly and effective than its predecessor. Less frequent charging is needed, the wristband is firm and comfortable to wear, and the new electrode material enhances the electrical stimulation. Lastly, EmeTerm PLUS use natural materials and medical silicon rubber to reduce the carbon footprints and will not cause allergy.

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