EmeTerm will be returning to 2019 MEDICA

WAT Medical is a Canadian company that develops safe, effective, and user-friendly wearable medical devices. They focus on chronic and functional diseases and conditions. Their technologies use targeted neuromodulation to regulate specific nerve activities. The treatments are patient-oriented, with fixed parameters for individual conditions, and features excellent usability. Customers will receive personalized therapies according to their needs. The wearable design allows the devices to be extremely portable and easy to use at all times and places.

EmeTerm is an anti-nausea wristband that uses precise transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to stop the vomiting center of the brain from sending vomiting signals to the stomach. This function targets all types of nausea-induced vomiting, including travel sickness, morning sickness, virtual reality, chemotherapy, and surgical operations.

The device provides innovative interface and usability, offering water resistance, magnetic charging port, advanced electrode that does not require conduction gel, and replaceable hypoallergenic wrist straps.

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