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HeadaTerm 2 Migraine Headache Relief Device

HeadaTerm 2 Migraine Headache Relief Device

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HeadaTerm 2 is a clinically proven, safe, and effective medical device worn on users’ foreheads that uses none-invasive neuronal electrical stimulation technology to prevent and treat primary headache, including migraine, tension headache, cluster headache.

✅ FDA OTC approved for migraine relief.
✅ Rechargeable for repeated use.
✅ Manual adjustment for personalized stimulation.

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Safety Certification

FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness.


Physical Therapy

Fast-acting relief with eTNS technology and no side effects.



Affordable home medical products.


HSA/FSA Eligible

Vouchers available for reimbursement upon purchase.

Up to 27% more effective than oral medicine

Published by Emergency Medicine in the United States

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Primary headaches, such as migraine, are transmitted by the supraorbital nerve and the supratrochlear nerve. HeadaTerm introduces precise electric impulses from the user’s forehead to act on these nerves and reduce the migraine signals transmitted. The device avoids any drug effects, making it appropriate a wide range of users.

Three Major Benefits of HeadaTerm 2


Treating Migraine Headaches


Effective in Significantly Relieving Acute Migraine Symptoms


Relieve Migraine


Effective in Reducing Migraine Pain Levels


Prevent Migraine


Effective in Reducing the Incidence of Migraines


For every HeadaTerm 2 Anti-migraine Device purchased, $1 will be donated to The American Legion.

*Donate every 5 months and publish the donation voucher

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PrincipleeTNS technology
IndicationsThe TENS device-HeadaTerm 2 is indicated for the prophylactic treatment of episodic migraine in patients 18 years of age or older.
CertificateFDA, CE, TGA, HC, ISO

Relieve Migraine Without Medication


100% Drug-Free

Easy Operation

Quick Effect

New Generation Of Targeted Thrapeutic Anti-Migraine Device

Primary headaches are debilitating conditions that are extremely common among people. Drug treatments are the popular solutions for many patients, but just like with anti-nausea drugs, there are side effects that often turn people away. HeadaTerm offers a drug-free treatment without any side effects.

More advanced than HeadaTerm Generation 1.


How to use

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HeadaTerm 2 Electrode (3-pack)


HeadaTerm Official Sustainability Plan

Every 5 used devices can be exchanged for 1 new device.

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EmeTerm® HeadaTerm Testimonials

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