The Hidden Struggle: Why New Mothers Face Migraines After Birth

The birth of a new baby is a moment of joy and anticipation for every family. However, many new mothers often face physical discomfort, with migraines being a common issue.


Research indicates that more than half of women who suffer from migraines will experience a recurrence within the first month after childbirth, with most of these headaches being migraines [1].


So, why do new mothers frequently suffer from migraines after giving birth? Studies point to two main factors:


Estrogen Influence: During pregnancy, estrogen levels in a woman's body steadily increase, peaking in the late stages of pregnancy. This increase in estrogen is associated with the improvement of migraines during pregnancy. However, estrogen levels drop sharply after childbirth, and this hormonal fluctuation can trigger migraines [2].


Lack of Rest and Stress: New mothers have the demanding task of caring for their newborns, which often means frequent night awakenings, breastfeeding, and diaper changes. These activities disrupt the mother’s biological clock, leading to insufficient and poor-quality sleep. Additionally, the constant state of stress and anxiety can also be a trigger for migraines.


So, what can help new mothers alleviate migraines?


Lifestyle Adjustment: Postpartum women should ensure they get enough sleep, maintain a balanced diet with adequate nutrition, and engage in moderate exercise to strengthen their bodies.


Psychological Adjustment: Learning to relax through deep breathing, meditation, and yoga can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Regularly communicating with family and friends for support and understanding is also beneficial.


Medication: If non-medical treatments are ineffective, new mothers can take medications under the guidance of a doctor to relieve pain. Breastfeeding women should be especially cautious about medication safety and may need to pause breastfeeding during treatment.


Electrical Stimulation Therapy: Introducing HeadaTerm 2, a groundbreaking FDA-approved neuromodulation device designed to offer drug-free relief and prevention of migraine headaches. By delivering precise electric impulses to nerves associated with migraine pain, HeadaTerm 2 presents a promising alternative to conventional migraine therapies. Clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable pain reduction, with the verum group experiencing a significant 69.66% decrease in pain, firmly establishing HeadaTerm 2 as a swift and effective remedy for acute migraine episodes.


Experience the joy of motherhood without the discomfort of migraines. HeadaTerm 2, utilizing advanced neuromodulation technology, offers a drug-free approach to effectively alleviate and prevent migraines after childbirth. Embrace relief and enjoy every moment with your newborn.



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