Discover HeadaTerm 2: Relief for Menstrual Migraine

Discover HeadaTerm 2: Relief for Menstrual Migraine

Menstruation, a hallmark of the female physiology, often brings about not just bodily changes but also a slew of discomforts, with menstrual migraine being one of them. Characterized by throbbing pain typically on one side of the head, menstrual migraine follows the rhythm of arterial pulsation.


If you find yourself grappling with migraine headaches at a specific time each month, you might be experiencing what's known as "menstrual migraine". This type of migraine is intricately linked to our female physiological cycle—menstruation.


The primary mechanisms of menstrual migraines involve estrogen withdrawal and prostaglandin release. Before menstruation, estrogen levels drop, consistently linked to migraines in studies. Within 48 hours prior to menstruation, prostaglandins are released into the bloodstream, potentially triggering migraines. Meanwhile, dysmenorrhea, mediated by prostaglandins, predisposes menstruating women to menstrual migraines compared to those without dysmenorrhea. (Vetvik KG, MacGregor EA, 2021)


The management principles for menstrual migraine align with those for non-menstrual attacks, with considerations for menstrual irregularities, contraception, pregnancy desires, and perimenopausal symptoms.(Vetvik KG, MacGregor EA, 2021) Treatment emphasizes a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise, consistent sleep, and trigger avoidance. Acute episodes can be managed with medication under medical guidance, with drugs effective for non-menstrual migraines also suitable for menstrual migraine attacks.


In this landscape of migraine management, HeadaTerm 2 emerges as a beacon of hope. This FDA-approved neuromodulation device, engineered to deliver drug-free relief and prevention of migraine headaches, offers a promising alternative to conventional therapies. Clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable pain reduction, with the verum group experiencing a significant 69.66% decrease in pain. With HeadaTerm 2, individuals are empowered to reclaim control over their lives, liberating themselves from the shackles of migraines. It's more than just relief; it's about embracing vitality, newfound freedom, and the joy in everyday living.






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